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Sponsor an Event

Interested in Sponsoring an Event?

Fragrance Ministries has a desire to partner with local organizations, churches, and ministries in order to foster opportunities for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and offering ways to encourage women in their Christian journey. As a result, if your church or organization would like to partner with Fragrance Ministries and host an event, below is an outline of what our ministry can offer and what we would be looking for as a sponsor or host of an event. 

About Us

Our Purpose Statement…

The purpose of Fragrance Ministries is to build a community of women who not only Believe in Jesus Christ but who live in a way which reflects a deeply devoted commitment to serving Him. We focus our lives to become a Fragrant Offering to the Lord, and we desire to always point the way to Christ through our words, our actions, and our thoughts… just as Christ always pointed the way toward God, the Father.


Our Mission

Our Mission Statement…

Fragrance Ministries exists to encourage and empower women to know Jesus Christ personally. We will strive to deeply enrich each woman’s relationship with the Lord through intentional Christian fellowship and meaningful worship of our Lord through the teaching The Word of God and praising the Lord through joyful music.


Our Commitment

What We Can Provide…

Fragrance Ministries is committed to sharing the Word of God with the People of God. 

If we are given the opportunity to serve your church, we are willing to provide excellent Praise and Worship! We will utilize very talented women who love sharing their God-given gifts of music, speaking, nurturing, and encouragement in a comprehensive ministry that focuses on women’s needs. In addition, we will provide special additions like door prizes at every get-together. 

These Fragrance Ministries gatherings can be as short as a one hour or we can offer events that would extend through a weekend. 


Your Commitment

What Your Church Can Provide…

Should your church decide to host a Fragrance Ministries event, you will need to determine if childcare will be needed. If you recognize the need for childcare, your church would be responsible for providing the workers for the event. We strongly encourage the women in attendance be over the age of 18. Your church would also need to decide if a meal or some type of refreshments would be served, and if so, the church would take on that responsibility. Your church should provide advertising for the event, a welcome team, and a representative from your church to welcome those in attendance and introduce one of our Fragrance Ministry Team members. Above all else, we ask that you pray for the Lord to do a great work in our Ministry and in your church!

We’ll take it from there!

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